Broken Home [A Poem]

Here we go again
No room left to pretend

The word ‘love’
Is just junk
It’s meant to cover up

The scars and the bruises
Of fights day and night
The mental abuses
It just isn’t right

Surviving together
In this torture room
This shattered home
Can provide no room

To breath but to see
Hearts of soot and ash
When the cold took over
It broke them in half

Strangle me
Stab me
Swallow me whole

Spit me out
String me up
Drop me hard down a hole

Let me crash and burn
But never learn
The sins of this home
The lie that is ‘love’

It never ends
Like a carnival ride
Round and round
And up and down

Never let me drown
Just choke for a little while
Then pull me up
And whip my back

Then start again
On the next go round

I can’t get off
This merry-go-round
In Frankenstein’s carnival
No mercy can be found

Like jungle cats
We fight in silence
Tearing to shreds
‘Til it rains down red

The acid in the blood
Which pours like a flood
Burns my wounded back
Where you whipped me
As revenge for my subtle attack

I knew by now
You could be so cruel
But to turn your back
Your subtle attack
For a simple question
I need not have asked

The silence ringing in my ears
It’s scathing tone buries me whole
In soot and ash
And prolongs your attack

All the shards
From the windows and walls
Of our broken home
They envelope my soul
And take me into the fold

Bury me in this mold
As the one who couldn’t go

Freeze me in time
As the failure
Who couldn’t get out
To save her own soul

But chained to a wall
She fell through the floor
She rotted away

Had she ever been there at all?

The victim of a broken home
The subtle abuses
They ate through her soul

Not breathing but seeing
The monster’s true form
Left on her own
In this permanently broken home

Can’t live with
Can’t afford to live without

Then die together
In the torture room
Of this irrevocably broken home


Round and round
On the merry-go-round
Frankenstein’s carnival
Has taken you down


Sleep [A Poem]

When I Sleep……

Nightmares haunt me in my sleep

And chase away the pleasant dreams

One by one they steal my sleep

And leave me with a need to flee

These mares they have an evil plan

To steal the sleep from all the land

And as they charge into my dreams

They steal the peace I need to sleep

I lay down now to feed the need

To rest my eyes, I need the sleep

Sandman come and storm near me

I need your help

To get my sleep

Tempest bless me with your clock

Tick and Tock

Please make time stop

Wind and rain and thunder strong

Cease my mind and lull me along

Mother Nature hear my plea

Keep me safe, watch over me

Give me wings to reach my dreams

But keep me safe from these dangerous things

The night mares

They still come for me

But now they find I can’t be reached

At last I find a peaceful sleep

With all of thee protecting me

Come now and stay by me

Provide me with

A good night’s sleep

But let it end at daylight’s break

I am alive

My soul is safe

Look At That Face!

Look At That Face!

Before I was yours there was a time when I could not go outside. I would stay all day in this concrete cage and the days would pass me by. Many people scuffled through this dark and dusty place; each time they looked but passed me by for a softer, younger face.

For three long years, here I'd wait in this cold decrepit place. Just waiting for the day you'd come and say 'Look at that face!' Through all this time I wagged my tail, hoping and believing that someday you would come and see far past my size and wrinkles.

At my first home... There, they were nice, until two weeks past and twice my size. They didn't foresee my growth or my playful puppy ways. They didn't account for training, or the messes I might make so here I was left to stay in this cold concrete cage. Until the day you came and said 'Look at that face!'

Now here I am today, in this sunny grassy place. I fetch and I obey at the moment that you say. Soon we go inside to the comfy furnished space where you lay down on your bed and I stretch out by your side. You stroke my head, I wag my tail and here we say no more, for here I am today; happy, healthy, and forever home.

A Note From The Author:::...
All of my fur-babies are rescues. I feel the ones who've had a difficult life appreciate and treasure our love more. You'll have a lot to learn about a rescue fur-baby but it's well worth it for the love they give back to you.

Self Inflicted, A Poem

Tear into my skin
And let my life drip out
This is my omission
My sin

Self inflicted is how it goes
Keep me guessing
On my toes

Never thought the day would come
When I would have to kiss that gun

All my life I've thought about
How it might have been
To tell the truth
Without the blur
Of lies or stories within

Not a lie
But an omission
A crucial fact left out

To change the story
In my favor
And let the crowd go wild

Not sinister
Not selfish
No harm here

It was a cat
A playful cat
Who put the scratches there

Not scratches but cuts
Deeply imbedded
Into the liar's soul

How long will they believe
That it was this little cat
Who made me bleed
Though I did not scream
I need the blood to drop

Just a little at a time
Maybe an ounce or two
Not very much
But just enough
To ease my aching soul

Yet still I blame that little cat
For tearing up my skin
Well thanks cat
You did me well
With an alibi included

I spill my blood
And mine alone
To quell the rage and sorrow

An ounce here
And ounce there
Just to feed the sparrow

I'll not confess
I did my best
And still I bit the bullet

I couldn't prove it
I couldn't do it
And now they see the rest

I did my best
But I must confess
It was me who did it

I let the blood drop
I tore into my skin

I never screamed
I never cried
I wanted to do it

It was all Self Inflicted
- Just for the sake
Of getting through it

Dear Frankenstein

Have you forgotten all you taught me,
Dear Frankenstein?
Let me remind you
Of of how we came to be this way:::...

Dear Frankenstein
I'd just like to say
Why I finally went away

From early on
You taught me well
About omissions and lies
And doing them well

An omission is not a lie
I learned early on
But you changed your tune
When you thought I had gone

You failed to instill
The difference between
You and me
And the ants on my feet

So  an omission I made
To you one day
Because also you taught me
Withholding information is key

You called it a lie
And stood silent for days
Well guess what?
You pushed me away

You changed your mind
When you called it a lie
And a whole lot changed
On that night

My hero, my saint
Held up so high
Dear Frankenstein
You fell from the sky

Hit the ground
Landed on your face
Embrace the change
Nothing can be the same

Now you roam
Amongst the rest
With an H on your face
For Hypocrite

And a Hypocrite
You will remain
Because monsters do
As they are trained

In no time since then
You said I'd lied
Because I trusted you
To see inside

Silly me
I made a mistake
When I trusted you
Again today

Never again
Will it happen to me
Trusting you
Is what dug your grave

Every monster has a Frankenstein
We are born as clay
And shaped by your ways

You wanted a liar
An omit-er
A tool

You got what you asked for
Ten fold, you fool

Betrayed by your monster
You sent it away
And expected it would learn
But return some day

Stupid you
You hypocrite
You fool!

You started digging that grave
The day you taught your monster
To think for itself
It's own ideas to make

And in translation
You fell through the cracks
No decision was made
About who to respect

Dear Frankenstein
I must say
I'm not sorry
You pushed me away

Learned a lot this time
About trust and disdain
Surely you know
That you dug your own grave

It was not me
Who chose this fate
Dear Frankenstein
You made me this way.

The Love Went Away [A Poem]

There’s no easy way to accept

When the love goes away

All these years

Leading up to the day

When you finally walked away

Hidden behind the smile

Of someone who used to love you

Once a happy child

Now the tormented


Gave in…

Time and time again



You would find a way back in

But chance after chance

You blew me away

With your incapacity to say

Angry, sad, disappointed, betrayed?

I’ll never know unless you say

But time is growing short,

You see

I’ve got a plan

To find my peace

Little did you know

What a mark you could leave

On a tortured child’s soul



Tearing deep

No way back

To yesterday

To a time when innocence believed

There was no such thing as a wicked witch

And surely you could never be

Yet on this day

I smile to you

Hiding the sad, sad truth

Tormented can only be for so long

Time enough will teach the soul

There’s no way back to yesterday

To a time when I believed

No way forward

From this place

Where brick walls crumble

And I die within the rubble

This is a story of a young girl who killed herself because the one person she thought truly loved her, turned her back on her; suddenly acted like he hated her, and she couldn’t understand why… This is a fictional depiction of a very possible reality.

A Grave Dug By Honesty [A Poem]



They come hand in hand

Often the result

Of a good intentioned man

Cold and lifeless is how I stand

Dead and breathing

A broken man

Two sides to one story

But only one true

Disbelieved he was

Now shackled he stood

Dug his own grave

He did on that night

When he chose honesty

For his master’s delight

Violently whipped

While hung from a cord

Is what is returned

For his honest accord

No way to explain

Or prove it is true

So he flew to the river

The moment he could

From the bridge

He jumped with a scream

I’m innocent!

You should have believed!”

So we end this story

With our dead man dead

And proved that sometimes

We don’t make our own beds

He told the truth

Yet they did not believe

And their brutality was the soil…

That covered his grave

This is the story of a man who chose to tell the truth at the wrong time, to the wrong person. His honesty was ill received and he paid for it with his life.

The moral of this story is that honesty is not always the best policy. Honesty is a powerful thing. Once you choose to tell the truth, you can never take it back. And if, like this poor man, you tell the truth to the wrong person or at the wrong time, you’ll pay for it in some way. Honesty is dangerous, so think twice before you share.