Tick Tock








Watch the sand

Pass through the hour glass

Grain by grain

You’re watching it fade





Your time is up.



Sometimes it is too late

The fact is

The minutes do fade


There’s never forever

Tomorrow might happen

Then again

We may never see the end of today


Time keeps running

With or without us

Hard as we try

But we cannot outrun it

There is no way


There always will be an end

We never can tell when it will be

But it will be


Time runs out

Without a doubt

There’s always an end

Sooner than when…


When we like

When we’re ready

When we want?


We never know

We never can tell


Time is tricky that way


It makes us feel like we have forever

Like forever can never end


Well guess what

You missed out

Because time ran out

With the last…






Now I hope you believe

As well as me

That now’s the time

To make it count


To live your life

Without any doubt


Before your last…






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