Sleep [A Poem]

When I Sleep……

Nightmares haunt me in my sleep

And chase away the pleasant dreams

One by one they steal my sleep

And leave me with a need to flee

These mares they have an evil plan

To steal the sleep from all the land

And as they charge into my dreams

They steal the peace I need to sleep

I lay down now to feed the need

To rest my eyes, I need the sleep

Sandman come and storm near me

I need your help

To get my sleep

Tempest bless me with your clock

Tick and Tock

Please make time stop

Wind and rain and thunder strong

Cease my mind and lull me along

Mother Nature hear my plea

Keep me safe, watch over me

Give me wings to reach my dreams

But keep me safe from these dangerous things

The night mares

They still come for me

But now they find I can’t be reached

At last I find a peaceful sleep

With all of thee protecting me

Come now and stay by me

Provide me with

A good night’s sleep

But let it end at daylight’s break

I am alive

My soul is safe


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