Self Inflicted, A Poem

Tear into my skin
And let my life drip out
This is my omission
My sin

Self inflicted is how it goes
Keep me guessing
On my toes

Never thought the day would come
When I would have to kiss that gun

All my life I've thought about
How it might have been
To tell the truth
Without the blur
Of lies or stories within

Not a lie
But an omission
A crucial fact left out

To change the story
In my favor
And let the crowd go wild

Not sinister
Not selfish
No harm here

It was a cat
A playful cat
Who put the scratches there

Not scratches but cuts
Deeply imbedded
Into the liar's soul

How long will they believe
That it was this little cat
Who made me bleed
Though I did not scream
I need the blood to drop

Just a little at a time
Maybe an ounce or two
Not very much
But just enough
To ease my aching soul

Yet still I blame that little cat
For tearing up my skin
Well thanks cat
You did me well
With an alibi included

I spill my blood
And mine alone
To quell the rage and sorrow

An ounce here
And ounce there
Just to feed the sparrow

I'll not confess
I did my best
And still I bit the bullet

I couldn't prove it
I couldn't do it
And now they see the rest

I did my best
But I must confess
It was me who did it

I let the blood drop
I tore into my skin

I never screamed
I never cried
I wanted to do it

It was all Self Inflicted
- Just for the sake
Of getting through it

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