The Love Went Away [A Poem]

There’s no easy way to accept

When the love goes away

All these years

Leading up to the day

When you finally walked away

Hidden behind the smile

Of someone who used to love you

Once a happy child

Now the tormented


Gave in…

Time and time again



You would find a way back in

But chance after chance

You blew me away

With your incapacity to say

Angry, sad, disappointed, betrayed?

I’ll never know unless you say

But time is growing short,

You see

I’ve got a plan

To find my peace

Little did you know

What a mark you could leave

On a tortured child’s soul



Tearing deep

No way back

To yesterday

To a time when innocence believed

There was no such thing as a wicked witch

And surely you could never be

Yet on this day

I smile to you

Hiding the sad, sad truth

Tormented can only be for so long

Time enough will teach the soul

There’s no way back to yesterday

To a time when I believed

No way forward

From this place

Where brick walls crumble

And I die within the rubble

This is a story of a young girl who killed herself because the one person she thought truly loved her, turned her back on her; suddenly acted like he hated her, and she couldn’t understand why… This is a fictional depiction of a very possible reality.


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