A Grave Dug By Honesty [A Poem]



They come hand in hand

Often the result

Of a good intentioned man

Cold and lifeless is how I stand

Dead and breathing

A broken man

Two sides to one story

But only one true

Disbelieved he was

Now shackled he stood

Dug his own grave

He did on that night

When he chose honesty

For his master’s delight

Violently whipped

While hung from a cord

Is what is returned

For his honest accord

No way to explain

Or prove it is true

So he flew to the river

The moment he could

From the bridge

He jumped with a scream

I’m innocent!

You should have believed!”

So we end this story

With our dead man dead

And proved that sometimes

We don’t make our own beds

He told the truth

Yet they did not believe

And their brutality was the soil…

That covered his grave

This is the story of a man who chose to tell the truth at the wrong time, to the wrong person. His honesty was ill received and he paid for it with his life.

The moral of this story is that honesty is not always the best policy. Honesty is a powerful thing. Once you choose to tell the truth, you can never take it back. And if, like this poor man, you tell the truth to the wrong person or at the wrong time, you’ll pay for it in some way. Honesty is dangerous, so think twice before you share.


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