Halloween Time [A Poem]

No matter what happens

No matter the cost

I stand by my story

With no pitfalls

It happened so quickly

I could not ignore

When the rain began to pour

I did my best

To do it right

I fell so hard

I did ignite

This burning need

To find a light

What really happened that night?

Who broke the glass

Who struck the match

Who poured the gas on that man?

Running through the streets

With a broken leg and wounded feet

A human torch which lit the way

Running away from the scene of the charade

Halloween night and through the day

Running wild, they said it was play

Until night came and the masks went on

Two-faced devils roamed the lawn

Eggs and paper, fine enough

But going further

Was much too much

They hurt this man

They took his life

And left alone

His widowed wife

They went to jail for two years time

But soon enough

It was Halloween time

Once again

But two years past

Another man

Was a human torch

No reason why

And no remorse

They did this crime

And run amok

Again in prison

But this time for life

They killed a poor man

And poorer now his wife

No way out this time

No chance for parole

They did the deed

Now they pay the cost.

It’s October so Happy Halloween everybody! Let’s keep it safe! But, for the record… You can never have too much Candy Corn… Really, you can’t. That’s what Halloween is all about  so let’s dress up like witches and doctors and gorge ourselves on candy; everybody’s diet is allowed to go out the window for 4 days every month so let the 31th be one of them!  Happy Halloween and thanks for reading!!




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