Hope Breeds Eternal Misery


It’s true what they say… Hope breeds eternal misery.


If I hope I get hurt, so there is no hope.

And if I dare hope, I know it will be hollow hope

because while my heart empties the last drop of gin onto the fire, feeding the flicker to become a flame,

my mind begs it all to stop.


It calls out for help though I know it won’t come.

I know what will happen, it always does;

it’s the one thing I know will never fail.




My heart falls down

from it’s way up to that ever elusive cloud my mind tells my heart is just a mirage…

It climbs up anyway and then, one step away, I fall.

The dream pulled away;

the illusion pulled out from under me yet again.


I break.

Like every time before,

I let them build my hopes up only to let them crush me later on.

It’s my own fault, for as much as I know,

I always hold onto that glimmer of hope

for the heart heeds no word of the mind.


And once again,

as always in the past and no doubt in the future,

the mind has no power but it must stand by and watch

as the heart breaks, of it’s own stupid doing

and when the next chance comes

for hope to breed it’s misery,

it all begins again.


Destined for nothing more or less than misery and heartache

for hope is the most skilled and dangerous of all con-artists;

it is within us,

it is in our nature,

it cannot be escaped

and it will not be denied.


There is no safety in this world,

not even within,

because forever hope will seek out and feed on the weakness and broken hearts of fools like me,

who hope blindly against all sense and reason…


And then,


We break,


Again and again;


We always break.


7 thoughts on “Hope Breeds Eternal Misery

  1. Ali Ruselle says:

    Wow, so deep, yet so true. True talent, whoever wrote this, true talent. And it’s not even bullshit that we read on a daily basis, this is real, this is really good.

  2. keonabazala says:

    Reblogged this on LIfe :/ and commented:
    i lov eit

  3. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    I read this poem yesterday while I was cooking hamburger helper for dinner. “Hope Breeds Eternal Misery” was the best I ever read. In the immortal words of Spencer Hastings “You know what they say about hope: breed eternal misery”.

    • Mistylove says:

      Thanks so much for the massive compliment and for reblogging. It’s nice to know my poem may forever be synonymous with Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars from ABCFamily… and Hamburger Helper. XD

  4. […] In the meantime, I found this: https://onepoemshy.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/hope-breeds-eternal-misery/ […]

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